November Garden Bloggers Bloom Day in Portugal

Last month I joined a gardening blog hop where on the 15th of each month garden bloggers all over the world take part in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day to show you what is blooming in their garden.

Although I love flowers my main focus is vegetables. So not a great selection!

One of the most rewarding plants are the Gazanias Daisies. They flower throughout the year in a multitude of different colours.

Yellow Gazanias
Yellow Gazanias

I am not sure what these daisies are, but they seeded themselves in my garden. As I say a present from the birds!


I am growing this Hibiscus as a standard. Currently the only
Hibiscus I have which planted directly in the ground.


This Bougainvillea was not in bloom when I bought it. I asked for pink and was sold this. It looks mauve to me…what do you think?
I am not keen on in it, not because it’s not pretty it is. The bracts do not fall off but die on the plant where they remain making it look rather untidy.


The Purple hop bush is, I think, an extremely versatile shrub. It has striking purple leaves and during winter months delicate paper pink flowers. It withstands strong winds, poor soil and grows up to 15ft high. I have planted several to provide a pretty screen around the pool area. I have also taken cuttings which once established I will use as a contrast to my Oleander shrubs.

Dodonaea viscosa - Purple hop bush
Dodonaea viscosa – Purple hop bush

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9 thoughts on “November Garden Bloggers Bloom Day in Portugal”

      1. My humble apologies for both spelling and content: it was one of THOSE days yesterday: multitasking does not always work! Actually have one of my fave hibiscus, but every second year its top branches say “I don’t wanna’!

      2. Hey Eha, no apology necesary. I did wonder what a borderlibe was, but hey, sometimes I write something and relook at what I’ve written and think…what the hell have I writen there. Was borderlibe a type of hibiscus? Because I usually grow my hibiscus in pots I usually cut them right back every season. This one I bought as a standard from a posh garden centre and it’s been like that for two years and hardenly grown at all.

  1. Oh, I like the hop bush–pretty blooms and foliage! I successfully killed our bougainvillea, sadly. I overwintered it in the greenhouse, then moved it out a little too soon last spring–frost got it. Lovely blooms. Happy GBBD!

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