Is This Blight?

My tomatoes had blight last month so I’m now wondering if my cabbage and brocoli could also be affected?

I’ve been away for a few days and left Mr. Piglet in charge of my veggies. I was quite surprised when I returned to see brown and white patches on the cabbage and brocoli leaves. He had sprayed the leaves with diluted washing up liquid to kill the caterpillars…perhaps that’s the cause…

Anyone heard of Cabbage blight? Looked on net and can’t really see much info. All suggestions gratefully received.

In the meantime think I will pick all the affected leaves off and see what happens.

My brocoli leaves look like they may have blight
My brocolli leaves look like they may have blight
Any idea what this is?
Any idea what this is?

6 thoughts on “Is This Blight?”

  1. Yup, sorry – this looks like classic ‘blight’! I also tend to curb it by picking the affected leaves into a plastic bag immediately and well and truly getting rid of that!! Since I am ‘bad’ at using a lot of chemicals, if the effort is not paying dividends, the whole plant has to go . . .boo!

  2. I tried to grow broccoli a couple of years ago but my plants got this awful blight as well so I ended up feeding it to the hens, they have no problems with blighted leaves. I haven’t tried since.

    1. Hi Gerty, I feel so frustrated! They grew perfectly well last year and I had good crops of cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. Just cut off all the leaves to see what happens. I’m spitting feathers at the moment 😦 Shame your chickens aren’t closer, they would ahve had a good meal!

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