Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – October

I’ve just joined a gardening blog hop where on the 15th of each month garden bloggers all over the world take part in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day to show you what is blooming in their garden.

My Plumbago bush is about 6′ tall!

Plumbago in Portugal
Plumbago in Portugal

The Hydrangea has flowered since early May and rewarded us with an abundance of beautiful pink flowers. Although the flowers are now dying off I still enjoy the papery flowers before they wither completely.

Hydrangea in Portugal
Hydrangea in Portugal

I love this oleander but unfortunately it is very slow-growing!
Did you know the leaves of the Oleander are poisonous and if you burn oleander it gives off toxic fumes?

Yellow Oleander in Portugal
Yellow Oleander in Portugal

I originally tried to grow this Bougainvillea in a pot, without success. In desperation I planted it in the ground, ignored it and now it’s roof height!


I’m unsure of the name of this plant; any suggestions please? Traditionally it’s a climber, but I’m growing as a trailing plant in this enormous pot! It does not require much water and seems to have a long flowering period. Grows best, as I’ve discovered, in full sun.

What is this?
What is this?

Yucca plants have the most amazing flowers!

Yucca Plant
Yucca Plant

I forgot to photograph my Hibiscus and Gazanias and it’s now dark, so no go. There’s always next month


8 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – October”

  1. Love the bouigainvillea, have always desisted oleander in my garden . . .Hydrangea and plumbago don’t quite make it for me – but, your ‘mystery’ plant! Hope someone comes up with a recognition: thought it was some form of gazania, but googling makes me more than usure . . .

    1. Hi Eha, the problem with plumbago is that when the flowers fall, they make such a mess! I never realised when I planted it.
      I also googled the mystery plant, but no luck. I have gazania in my garden, but they are not climbers. I forgot to go back and take photos of them.

      Out of all my plants bouigainvillea has to be my favourite!

  2. Hi, it’s lovely to see your gorgeous flowers. I cannot get the hydrangeas to survive in the Algarve although my north house has them thriving. I also love bougainvillea. Mine has lost its flowers but the neighbour’s one (well established) is still giving colour to my verandah.

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