Piglet in Portugal

My container gardening diary continues…

The temperatures in July, after scorching winds, soared into the 30Cs and certainly tested my tenacity and ability to grow fruit and vegetables in containers.

Unlike cacti, succulents, hibiscus and the other variety of plants I grow,  container grown fruit and vegetables are certainly more challenging for the novice gardener. However, I am pleased to report the only casualty during July was my sage plant. Why did it die? I just don’t know. But as you can see it’s certainly dead. Not enough water or too much? I tested both theories as I watched its demise.

Growing Chili Peppers in Pots

Chilies have to be the easiest plant to grow in containers!

Unfortunately, we do not eat a tremendous amount of chili, perhaps we should.  However, they will be put to good use as chilies are one of the ingredients in an organic insect deterrent…

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